On Friday, 12 my friend and I went to a concert in one Moscow rock club called Cruiser, located on m. Pavelezkaya. I'd like to write a short review for everyone who's interested in it. The performance started at 6.50 p.m. The first band was a well-known Moscow band called Goresleeps. Their instrumental, which they played at first really ruled. The next 5-6 songs weren't as good as the first one. But they were the first band, so we can't blame them. The second band was a real nightmare! It's called Catharsis (pronounce Catarsis). I keep asking myself and other people a question about this band: "Why do they have 2 girls-keyboardist? It's foolish, isn't it?" Then played a band that I don't know. The only thing I remember about it - is awful performance. The next band performed something like black metal. I was amazed at the most of audience, who liked them. Their red-haired vocalist sang in the most ununderstandable way. The performed a cover by a very popular in Russia portuguese gothic metal band, called Moonspell.I didn't like their way of playing at all.

The next were Agonia. I liked them. It was second time I saw them live. They performed 5-6 good songs, including one of their best one, called (it sounds more lyric in russian) "WHEN SONGS WILL BE DEAD". Agonia's vo- calist/guitarist has a pretty-much strong and beautiful voice. At last they invited R.A.I's vocalist Starui (to say it in english "The Old One") and sang an old russian song that everyone knows "OI, MOROZ, MOROZ!". They did it really well. The metalheads like this song very much. Old way of singing and heavy riffs, isn't it super?

...the concert ended at 11.55 pm.I enjoyed the concert very much.

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